The land is associated with the site of GV Link, which Council has long envisaged to develop as a logistics hub and industrial area. The proposed sale of land relates to one or more lots within the proposed Stage 1 of GV Link, being the land generally shown on the attached GV Link – Staging Plan and being part of the land contained certificates of title Volume 11071 Folios 690 and 695 and Volume 12022 Folio 891.

The proposed sale of land will be conducted on the following terms:

  • sale by private treaty to business operators, manufacturers, producers, or persons of a like nature;
  • at a discount to market value, as an early mover advantage; and
  • in consideration of commitments from the purchasers to the early development of part of the relevant lot.

Have your say

Section 114 of the Local Government Act 2020 requires Council, before selling or exchanging land, to publish a notice of its intention to sell the land and undertake a community engagement process in accordance with its community engagement policy. You could make a submissions regarding the proposed sale of part of the land by:

  • completing the ‘Have your Say’ form below;
  • emailing your feedback to; or
  • posting it to Greater Shepparton City Council

At a future ordinary council meeting, Council will consider all submissions, and may decide to sell the land, part of the land or not to sell the land.

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