On 27 September 2023 Council received an expression of interest from the Department of Health to purchase part of the land at 45 Parkside Drive, Shepparton. The Department proposes to use the land for the development of family health related infrastructure on the site.

Specifically, the sale will facilitate the Department of Health's proposal to deliver on the Victorian Government’s commitment to deliver health infrastructure in Shepparton for a new Early Parenting Centre, which would support parents when it comes to sleeping, feeding and extra care for babies with additional needs.

Additionally, on 2 November 2023, Council received an expression of interest from Goulburn Valley Health to purchase part of the land at 45 Parkside Drive, Shepparton, for the purposes of staff accommodation.

The land that is the subject of the proposal is indicatively shown as parcels 1 and 2 on the accompanying plan, being part of the land contained in certificate of title Volume 11116 Folio 382.

The proposal is that one or both of parcels 1 and 2 be sold by private treaty on terms including:

  • parcel 1 to be sold to the Minister for Health, or the Secretary to the Department of Health, or their nominee, for the development as an Early Parenting Centre;
  • parcel 2 to be sold to Goulburn Valley Health or an approved nominee for development of staff accommodation;
  • the sale price is to be determined having regard to market value and the community benefit generated by one or both sales;
  • settlement of each parcel will be conditional on registration of a plan of subdivision creating separate titles for each parcel; and
  • access prior to settlement for construction and/or use may be granted to the purchasers, under a lease, licence, or other mechanism approved by Council.

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Section 114 of the Local Government Act 2020 requires Council, before selling or exchanging land, to publish a notice of its intention to sell the land and undertake a community engagement process in accordance with its community engagement policy.

Council invited submissions on the proposal.

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