Proposed sale of land (part of 45 Parkside Drive, Shepparton) for affordable housing


On 21 December 2021, Greater Shepparton City Council received a request from Women’s Housing Ltd to construct Affordable Housing on part of Council-owned land at 45 Parkside Drive, Shepparton.

Women’s Housing Ltd is a Registered Housing Association with a long history of supporting vulnerable women and children across Victoria through a range of innovative housing and support services.

This proposal seeks to buy part of the land and construct approximately 45 two and three bedroom dwellings for Affordable Housing purposes.

Further information on the proposal can be found in the agenda of the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 15 February 2022 - see extract below:

Section 114 of the Local Government Act 2020 requires Council, before selling or exchanging land, to publish a notice of its intention to sell the land and undertake a community engagement process in accordance with its community engagement policy.

Consultation period

Council invited submissions regarding the proposed sale of part of the land by completing an online ‘Have your Say’ form, via email, and via post.

Submissions were open from Monday 14 February to Monday 28 March 2022.

Submitters could also request in their submission to be heard by Council and to appear in person/online, or to be represented by a person specified in the submission, in support of the submission at a meeting of Council.

Hearing of verbal submissions

Greater Shepparton City Council heard seven verbal submissions from residents on the proposal to sell part of the land at 45 Parkside Drive, Shepparton on Monday, 4 April and Tuesday, 3 May 2022.

You can view the recording of the submissions in the video player below and read the media release on our website.

Feedback received in submissions and additional work undertaken

Council received 62 submissions during the consultation process to the proposed sale of part of 45 Parkside Drive, Shepparton to Women’s Housing Ltd. Through these forums, Council heard a wide range of comments, queries and concerns. In response to this Council officers prepared a Conversation Report outlining the consultation process, the common themes identified in submissions received and Council officers’ responses to each of these themes. A link to the Conversation Report can be found below.

Council officers commissioned Ethos Urban Pty Ltd to prepare the Greater Shepparton Social Housing Economic Benefits Assessment to analyse the economic benefits associated with the proposal. Council officers also commissioned a Report by Affordable Development Outcomes Pty Ltd to review and comment on the objectives and framework of Council’s Affordable Housing Strategy, provide an update on Affordable Housing demand, and respond to key community concerns.

Next steps

At the June 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council resolved to note the conclusion of the community consultation process on the sale of Council-owned land at part of 45 Parkside Drive, Shepparton, and resolved to sell part of the land to Women’s Housing Ltd to facilitate affordable housing.

Following the Council decision, Women’s Housing Ltd will be seeking project funding and will commence the planning process through the Victorian Government before commencing any development. This planning process will be the subject of further community consultation and will be overseen by the Victorian Government.