Council released the 2023/2024 Draft Budget for public display and were looking for feedback from the Community.

The 2023/2024 Draft Budget has been built on the strategic objectives adopted in Council's 2021-2025 Council Plan and 2021-2031 Financial Plan. The 2023/2024 Draft Budget Document details the services and initiatives to be funded in the 2023/2024 financial year.

Community consultation provided important feedback during the pre-draft stage of the budget in November/December 2022 to better understand the needs of residents and find out their priorities for the 2023/2024 budget year. This consultation resulted in funding going ahead for, and in some cases being redirected to, numerous initiatives and developments. See the "Consultation Success" tab below for some initiatives and projects that were made possible by this past community engagement.

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The proposed capital works program for 2023/2024 is $51.1 million.

The below map shows where capital works are proposed for 2023/2024. Click a marker on the map to see what is included.

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Drainage and Flood Investigation and Design: $2.97m

Submissions were received on the drainage issues from the October 2022 flood event, particularly around the Lenne Street Mooroopna area, and Tatura. These submissions supported prioritisation of capital funding towards the Lenne Street Flood Investigation and Design, and the Margaret Street Pump Station Upgrade. $2.97m of drainage renewal and upgrade works are included in the draft budget.

Asset Renewal and Upgrade: $35.45m

Multiple community members indicated their preference for focusing on renewing and upgrading existing council assets over new assets. This is already a Council priority identified in the Council Plan and Asset Management Plans, and community consultation confirmed the preference on funding these works. Assets include Roads, Bridges, Drainage, Buildings, Footpaths and Cycleways, Parks Open Space and Streetscapes, Recreational Leisure and Community Facilities, Buildings, and other Property, Plant & Equipment and Infrastructure. The renewals and upgrades for 2023/2024 come to 69.4% of the capital works budget.

Community group funding: $1.60m

There are a number of Grants, Donations, Contributions, & Sponsorships included in the budget, to be applied for by various community groups. Submissions included requesting funding on Heritage Museums, Shade Sails, and Youth facilities. Some specific community facilities mentioned were the Shepparton Croquet Club Clubhouse, and the Dookie Bowls Club.

Funding going to smaller towns: $9m plus

Several submissions to the community consultation process requested funding be directed to the small towns within the municipality. The 2023/2024 draft budget includes over $9m of specified projects in the small towns (refer to capital works map above) as well as including items for those smaller towns within the maintenance and renewal program.

Recreational, Leisure & Community Facilities; Roads; and Bridges: $15.84m renewals and upgrades

Respondents to the "How would you spend $100?" consultation process indicated the community priority for capital projects focused on Recreational, Leisure & Community Facilities; Roads; and Bridges. The draft budget includes $22.35m on roads, bridges, recreational, leisure and community facilities capital works; this equates to 43.7% of the capital works program. This includes $13.4m of roads and bridges renewals and upgrades and $2.44m of Recreation, Leisure, Community facilities, Parks, Open Spaces and Streetscapes renewals and upgrades.

Community Wellbeing & Development; Recreation and Open Space; Aged & Children’s Services; Building and Planning

Respondents to the "How would you spend $100?" consultation process indicated the community priority for operating services focused on Community Wellbeing & Development; Recreation and Open Space; Aged & Children’s Services; and Building and Planning. The 2023/2024 Draft Budget resources key projects and initiatives identified in the 2021-2025 Council Plan relating to these service areas, as outlined in section 2 of the Draft Budget.