What is the Revenue and Rating Plan?

The Revenue and Rating Plan:

  • determines the share of the rates revenue each property is to contribute;
  • does not influence how much money Council can raise through rates revenue;
  • includes details in relation to payment options, rebates, interest and financial hardship; and
  • addresses other sources of revenue including user fees and charges, grants and contributions.

We asked to hear your thoughts on our Revenue and Rating Plan and asked you to have your say on how Council distributes the rates revenue across properties within the Municipality and generates revenue from other sources.

Greater Shepparton City Council adopted the 2021-2025 Revenue and Rating Plan at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 15 June 2021.

View the following presentation to learn how and why a Revenue and Rating Plan is developed.

How we consulted

From this page you were able to

  • View a presentation (see above) to take you through how and why a Revenue and Rating Plan is developed.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions (see tab below).
  • Use our Rates Calculators (Microsoft Excel format) to see how different rating strategies affect your rates.
  • Complete our survey and make a comment.

Council will now collate the responses and comments and present a Revenue and Rating Plan to your councillors for adoption at the June Council Meeting.

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