Council sought feedback on the most preferred design option which will form the basis of the Festive Decorations Style Guide. These designs will be used in conjunction with the current decorations, and will be predominantly used for town entrance flags, with the possibility of ground decals and corflute signs as well as other options as they emerge.

Feedback from the 2019 and 2020 festive season contributed towards the development of three design options and the most preferred option voted upon by community will be the design used for the Festive Decorations Style Guide for the next four years.

Some examples of the feedback received from the community surveys included:

“Classier installations...”
“I'd rather see lots of small decorations everywhere than one or two big, high-cost things in a couple of spots...”
“Traditional style...”
“Colourful flags / banners / etc. lining the streets / poles...”
“More things that say Merry Christmas...”
“Traditional Christmas decorations...”
“Classic designs...”
“More Merry Christmas signs...”
“More traditional, not too many different colours...”

Once decided, the Festive Decorations Style Guide will be used for four years.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

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Which design option do you like most?

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Option 1
37% (80 votes)
Option 2
31% (66 votes)
Option 3
32% (69 votes)
Total Votes: 215